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Protected: What I’ve did

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Google Chrome Now on Linux

A fast new browser: Now available for Linux

Get Google Chrome (BETA)
It’s free and is installed in seconds

Download google chorme from


$ sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-beta_current_i386.deb

  • New! For Linux- (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE)
  • Google Chrome runs websites and applications with lightning speed
  • Fast start-up- Google Chrome launches immediately.
  • Fast loading-Google Chrome loads websites quickly.
  • Fast search-Search the internet directly from the address bar

Want to See How Much Sploggers Steal from Your Blog? FairShare from Attributor Will Help You Find Out

At this very moment at the Creative Commons Technology Summit in Cambridge Attributor is previewing a new free product for bloggers and various web publishers that is intended for everyone to see exactly who is stealing our content and how they use it to make money off our work.

Attributor is a company that works with various web publishers – big and small – to point them to places where people steal their content. The crawler finds your content republished elsewhere and analyzes it to see if you got a link back and if the content is monetized on the site it is found on with ads. In addition to helping you identify the thieves Attributor also offers handy tools to demand that your content is removed or at least a link back to your own site is added.

I spent some time last week on the phone with Attributor as they were generous enough to analyze Profy feed as they are looking to connect to bloggers and probably see how we react to their ideas and products. I was very curious as I know many bloggers would have been as we are invariably concerned with everything about our blogs stats so it is no wonder I wanted to see the results of such analysis a lot (the screenshots used here are from Attributor report for Profy).